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“Up The Hill”

Desert Gallery

The Desert Gallery is our ode to life in the desert. It’s a journey—our exploration of the desert and surrounding mountains in Coachella Valley (i.e., the Sand to Snow Monument). But mostly, it’s about flowers. First, the amount of biodiversity here in the desert is astounding (with over 3,000 vascular plant species). Secondly, desert flowers are ephemeral. Flowers, plant life, and life in general depends on rain, especially in the desert where it is scarce. No rain means no flowers. But when it rains, just about everything blooms! Sometimes, you won’t see a flower bloom for years. And sometimes, even if a flower blooms, there’s no guarantee you’ll see it because it’s so small.

So this is our fascination and our mission. To capture, digitally, as many of these living and fleeting beauties as possible and to share them with as many people as possible.