• The Path of Ahiṃsā, and ‘Harm Less’
    We made a design for Ahiṃsā (अहिंसा) in the Devanagari Script (देवनागरी), and then we put the design on a shirt. A simple two color print with a graffiti-based style. So? What’s the story, morning glory? What is Ahiṃsā […]
  • Newsprint, Newsprint—Read All About It!
    Newsprint paper is a great choice for artists that sketch/draw/practice daily. For one, it’s readily available. Second, it’s comparatively inexpensive. Currently, G uses the 18×24 Strathmore Newsprint pad. It’s pretty standard newsprint. Which made us think, what other kinds […]
  • “Floret & The Sepals” presented by Encelia farinosa Anatomy
    If I asked you to describe Encelia farinosa anatomy, where would you start? [Waiting for a response…] Ah! Compound flowers you say? That’s indeed a good starting point. So, what is a compound flower and what is the opposite […]
  • WHO put the Handrub in Bop, Shebop, Shebop
    To alleviate the global shortage of hand sanitizers, the World Health Organization (WHO) created guidelines and formulations for handrubs (WHO handrub). So, we’re producing our own! And what better starting point, than with the WHO recommended handrub formulation. The […]
  • Trigger Point Therapy Resources
    Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder. In this condition, pressure on sensitive points in your muscles (trigger points) causes pain in the muscle and sometimes in seemingly unrelated parts of your body. This is called referred pain. […]
  • Pectineus Muscle
  • Saraswati Aim Bija Mantra Hard Enamel Pin
    Presenting the Saraswati Aim enamel pin! Because our Saraswati Aim ( ऐँ ) bija mantra collection wouldn’t be complete without an enamel pin… Simple and unadorned, like Saraswati herself. Available in our Etsy shop with either a magnetic or butterfly clutch […]
  • Devi Saraswati in Colorful Art Deco