Saraswati Aim Bija Mantra Hard Enamel Pin

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Presenting the Saraswati Aim enamel pin! Because our Saraswati Aim ( ऐँ ) bija mantra collection wouldn’t be complete without an enamel pin... Simple and unadorned, like Saraswati herself. Available in our Etsy shop with either a magnetic or butterfly clutch back.

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Aim 002: Parallel Pen

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Yep, another aim, AING, aiṃ...(ऐँ) with chandra bindu for extra symbolism. The blue colors are for Saraswatī's affiliation with water. The composition focuses on balance without symmetry. Because of the way the glyph was constructed, I sometimes see an auṃ trying to [...]

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The Eternal Knot, an interpretation

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"Modern Spatial Eternal Knot" is our modern eternal knot interpretation. MODERN ETERNAL KNOT—DETAILS "Modern Spatial Eternal Knot" is a modern take on the traditional eternal knot in Buddhist / Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. The "Modern Spatial Eternal Knot" features clean minimalist lines. It's [...]

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