Newsprint paper is a great choice for artists that sketch/draw/practice daily. For one, it’s readily available. Second, it’s comparatively inexpensive. Currently, G uses the 18×24 Strathmore Newsprint pad. It’s pretty standard newsprint. Which made us think, what other kinds of newsprint are there? And what makes newsprint, newsprint?

Newsprint, as the name implies, is most commonly used to print newspapers. It’s a low-cost, thin, and non-archival quality paper. It’s popular amongst artist because it is quite versatile…and did I mention inexpensive? Some artists prefer the tactile feel and convenience of a newsprint pad to say kraft paper rolls.

As I was looking for even more economical options for newsprint (even if it’s inexpensive, if you blow through two pages a day, it adds up…), I found myself slightly lost. Our current Strathmore newsprint pad is the “rough surface,” which has a slight tooth, or texture. There’s a smooth version as well. I suppose it all boils down to preference for your dry media.

So… to do this all scientific like, we’ll need to test the Strathmore newsprint pad, smooth surface as well as some other brands. And, pad vs loose leaf sheets. Here are some options that I’m interested in testing:

I will update this post, or create new posts, once we try these!