Design: Brittlebush (Encelia farinosa)

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Brittlebush (Encelia farinosa) is almost as ubiquitous as Creosote in the Colorado/Sonoran Desert. Their silvery leaves are instantly recognizable and, in the spring, fragrant golden yellow flowers emerge filling out the round, bushy plant. Encelia farinosa was an interesting flower design to [...]

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Design: Indigo Bush (Psorothamnus schottii)

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The third botanical illustration features Indigo Bush, Psorothamnus schottii. This design was tricky in terms of color. It's difficult to capture the blue-purple of the Indigo Bush flower. It's even more difficult to print the color in CMYK! And depending on the [...]

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The Eternal Knot, an interpretation

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"Modern Spatial Eternal Knot" is our modern eternal knot interpretation. MODERN ETERNAL KNOT—DETAILS "Modern Spatial Eternal Knot" is a modern take on the traditional eternal knot in Buddhist / Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. The "Modern Spatial Eternal Knot" features clean minimalist lines. It's [...]

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8 Interesting facts about the aim bija mantra

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New to the aim bija mantra? Then, welcome! If you're familiar with auṁ (Sanskrit:ॐ, more commonly written as om), the 800-pound gorilla of bija mantras (aka beej mantra or seed syllable), think of the aim bija mantra as aum's little sister. So, what exactly is a [...]

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