“Floret & The Sepals” presented by Encelia farinosa Anatomy

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If I asked you to describe Encelia farinosa anatomy, where would you start? [Waiting for a response...] Ah! Compound flowers you say? That's indeed a good starting point. So, what is a compound flower and what is the opposite of a compound [...]

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Design: Brittlebush (Encelia farinosa)

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Brittlebush (Encelia farinosa) is almost as ubiquitous as Creosote in the Colorado/Sonoran Desert. Their silvery leaves are instantly recognizable and, in the spring, fragrant golden yellow flowers emerge filling out the round, bushy plant. Encelia farinosa was an interesting flower design to [...]

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Loeseliastrum schottii – or – low ceiling drums shot my eye…?

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Low lighting conditions are always fun... and today was no exception! All clouds all the time made this little Loeseliastrum schottii as vivid as could be! Focus stacking does a pretty good job. However, I wonder if there's any way to fine tune [...]

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The Big Fagonia

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A botanical geometry, by a maniacal geoffrey. Fagonia laevis (California fagonbush) has this awesome branching method with two leaves on the outside, followed inwardly by two sub-stalks, and then a bud/inflorescence/infructescence. Some of the pictures I've taken show two anthers out of eight [...]

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Karla Karlarificibilitudinitatibus

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...If I were to find a new plant species, that's what I would name it! Of course, this little beauty (and I do mean little) already has a name: Nemacladus rubescens, more 'commonly' known as Desert Nemacladus or Desert Threadplant. The Nemacladus [...]

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Nicotiana and Encelia

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We think Nicotiana Obtusifolia, and Encelia Farinosa... Hmm. Notice the clasped leaf structure. An early flower-er. Nicotiana obtusifolia M. Martens & Galeotti NATIVE Habit: Perennial herb 2--8 dm, glandular-hairy, base often +- woody. Leaf: 2--10 cm; lower short-petioled, (ob)ovate; upper +- narrowly [...]

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