Sandpaper Plant

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Sandpaper plant flower clusters Every spring, we look forward to finding new wildflowers as well as re-visiting our favorites. And the Sandpaper plant (Petalonyx thurberi) is one of our absolute favs! First, the Sandpaper plant is native to California and [...]

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Makes a Kar-la go Ga-Ga…

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Hyptis emoryi, a.k.a., Desert lavender. It also makes the bees go ga-ga! A very spicy (and distinct lavender-y) scent. I can imagine what it would smell like as an essential oil... All the flowers are falling off now. As we walk along, there [...]

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Karla’s New Fave: Indigo Bush Alert!!!

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And you should smell these beauties—as gorgeous as the flowers themselves. It perfumed the air all around us. Ahhh...   Indigo Bush flowers

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