Design: Nemacladus Rubescens

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The second design in the botanical illustration series of desert flowers: Nemacladus rubescens. This tiny flower sure does pack a punch! Nemacladus rubescens There is SO much going on with this little flower. Just check out the Jepson Herbarium's description of [...]

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Nemacladus tenuis

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If we could have a small area in our garden dedicated to Nemacladus, including Nemacladus tenuis, we would! These little wildflowers have A LOT of personality. Nemacladus tenuis, close up These pictures don't do it justice, but the Nemacladus rubescens [...]

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Nemacladus glanduliferus

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As with all tiny flowers, the Nemacladus glanduliferus was hard to capture on camera, especially with an iPhone camera! The lightest breeze or breath will send it quivering. But it sure is pretty. It seems that all the flowers in this genus [...]

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Karla Karlarificibilitudinitatibus

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...If I were to find a new plant species, that's what I would name it! Of course, this little beauty (and I do mean little) already has a name: Nemacladus rubescens, more 'commonly' known as Desert Nemacladus or Desert Threadplant. The Nemacladus [...]

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