Snapdragon (Antirrhinum filipes)

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This Snapdragon (Antirrhinum filipes) was a rare find! Found by our botanist friend, Colin, along the first loop of the Randall Henderson Trail at the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument (that is quite the mouthful...). A beautiful and dainty [...]

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Loeseliastrum schottii – or – low ceiling drums shot my eye…?

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Low lighting conditions are always fun... and today was no exception! All clouds all the time made this little Loeseliastrum schottii as vivid as could be! Focus stacking does a pretty good job. However, I wonder if there's any way to fine tune [...]

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Design: Indigo Bush (Psorothamnus schottii)

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The third botanical illustration features Indigo Bush, Psorothamnus schottii. This design was tricky in terms of color. It's difficult to capture the blue-purple of the Indigo Bush flower. It's even more difficult to print the color in CMYK! And depending on the [...]

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Design: Nemacladus Rubescens

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The second design in the botanical illustration series of desert flowers: Nemacladus rubescens. This tiny flower sure does pack a punch! Nemacladus rubescens There is SO much going on with this little flower. Just check out the Jepson Herbarium's description of [...]

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Eucrypta? No way, You crypt-huh!

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All joking aside, we're pretty sure this lovliest of lovlies is from the family Eucrypta, but is it Eucrypta micrantha, or Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia? Hopefully, some avid botanist could help us out with this problem...? The detail below has a leaf in it, maybe [...]

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The princess and the bee…

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When we found this little bee cozily snoozing in this ghost flower (Mohavea confertiflora), we wondered how it got there. After a while, we posited that the ghost flower and bee may have similar nocturnal/diurnal rhythms. At night, we thought, the bee would [...]

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Lesser Yellow Throated Gilia

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This is one of my favorite flowers! It's about 3 mm in diameter and doesn't open until after 10 am. There are a few flowers in the gilia family. This one is star shaped with petals that slowly transform from a bluish-purple to pink [...]

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Little White Desert Flowers

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Karla and I are at it again! This time, at the Randall Henderson Trail in the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. Today, we're going for 32 bit HDR... I'm not even sure what that stands for, but WE LOVE [...]

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Prickly Pear Cactus Flower

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The most collaboration we've put into a picture yet! I'm working the camera, and Karla's working the Ipad remote, checking the focus and exposure, so that we could combine multiple images into this interpretive HDR. Our new Sony a6000 rocks... seriously. For [...]

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Apricot globe mallow

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We found this beautiful little flower along the drainage ditch on the way to the sculpture garden, and had to stop for a look! It's hard to get the light right when the sun is directly overhead, without blowing out the highlights, [...]

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A lovely desert globe mallow

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Living next to the San Jacinto Mountains, one cannot help but hike and wonder at what's beyond the peaks. So, we did. Granted, it took us awhile; first, to acclimate, then, to find trails! This little lovely desert globe mallow was found off-trail [...]

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