When we camped up on Thomas Mountain a couple weeks ago, we saw a fuzzy plant near our tent that was just starting to bud. We had no idea what it was. Actually, we still have no idea what it is, even after returning to find the flower!

And that’s not all that’s flowering up the mountain. We captured what we could and will return to take more pictures.

One of the first flowers we encountered was this pink flower. It looks like a primrose… It was early in the morning (and cold) so it wasn’t fully open.

Next, we saw a cluster of these little yellow flowers. I’m pretty sure it’s not chinchweed… 

As we drove up higher, we saw manzanitas blooming and this small tree covered in blue flowers. They were fragrant, if not a wee bit stinky.

At the peak of Thomas Mountain, we saw:

Geoff’s mystery flower with the downy-soft leaves.

Overview of G's mystery flower at the peak of Thomas mountain

The entire plant

G's mystery flower at the peak of Thomas mountain


This flower that reminds me of wood sorrel in Maine.

Wood sorrel-like flower from the peak of Thomas Mountain

I was in a rush so these turned out blurry…

I forget the name of this mustard-like flower, which we’ve seen up in Mount San Jacinto State Park.

We had our picnic at a campsite at the peak, walked around, then headed back down the mountain. Of course we stopped and took more pictures of wildflowers…duh!

On the way down, we saw one side of the mountain covered in these blue flowers, poking out amongst the lupine leaves.

Nearby were these monkey flowers? They look like the monkey flowers from Mount San Jacinto State Park, but bigger.

As we’re driving down, we stop again for these purple flowers!

And these desert dandelions?!

And, one of my favorite little flowers, the gilia. But which gilia?

A pink gilia sp